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Everyone loves a good Mystery.    The book and movie industries thrive on mysteries and most TV dramas and many news stories are all about solving mysteries. 
Unsolved Mysteries.  The list of unsolved mysteries is long and includes "Who built Stonehenge?, "What about aliens and UFO's?",  and "What ever happened to D.B. Cooper?" - the guy who jumped out of a plane over Oregon with $200,000. of stolen money.
What are the greatest Mysteries?  For each of us, perhaps the greatest mystery of all is about ourselves.  The future is unknown, and we may ask ourselves questions like, "What will my life work be?"  "How much money will I make?" And "What will the future hold?"
Life itself can be a Mystery.  At times we may also think of questions about the mysteries of life that men and women have been asking for thousands of years.  "Where did I come from?";  "What is my purpose in life?";  "Is there a God?";  "What happens when I die?".
Mysteries of the Supernatural.
Mysteries of the Supernatural.   
On this website you will discover with us some of the greatest mysteries 
of all time... 
                         "What is the meaning of life?"
                     "Is there life after death?"
                   "What does the future hold?"

Questions will be answered, mysteries solved, and it may even reveal to 
you a whole new way of life.  And, we'll consider the question, 
                "What is the "Greatest Mystery"? 
DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT".  Well, matter of fact, it's not about 
"RELIGION" as you may know  it.  It's more about a RELATIONSHIP 
that could literally change your life, give you an abundant life and the 
assurance of eternal life.
Without Fear of the Future. The amazing thing is that many
of the answers to the great questions and mysteries of life have already
been revealed to us.  We've been given enough insight into these great mysteries to show us how to live full and meaningful lives, without fear
of the future and what will become of us.
   What about the "Greatest Mystery?"... 
Answers 4 Today